Tough times never lasts, but tough people do.


We all know problems, difficulties, hopes and dreams are part and parcel of one’s life, “a problem free life is an illusion”  but sometimes it gets really hard to survive these tough times, to tackle these problems, during these times no one dare to hope or dream. Still everyone tries to solve the problem, to find a solution or just to cope with it untill it passes. “Tough time’s never last but, tough people do” a non-fiction book is all about tough times and how to be a tough person during these times, and how to tackle the problem to your benefit.

This book is special to me in many ways as my grandpa gave it to me and this was the first book that I read (although it was not the first book that I finished, but it’s a story for another time).

Dr. Schuller was a motivational speaker,a televangelist, pastor, and writer who went through a lot during his years as a child, and witnessed a lot of hard times during his life. This book is written in an autobiographic way. In this book Robert discusses different problems and ways to overcome them. Reading this book will motivate you to follow your dreams. As real life events has been discussed here, and the stories of many people who fell hard in their life but had the courage to rise to face the problem thus, reading this book will give you hope.

Schuller teaches us many things throughout the book,

  1.  That every problem will end at one point during our life,
  2. “success is never certain, failure never final”,
  3.  People who overcome obstacles never stop believing,
    because if you can do it once you can do it again,
  4.  If we work hard and dedicate ourselves in solving the problem, the problem will disappear.
  5. The thing about hard time is that it doesn’t leave without affecting you or in other words making you strong, “problems never leave us the way they found us” says Schuller in the book.

“If you have a dream, you have everything” ~Dr. Schuller ,
He encourages us to dream, and to work on our ideas and not to discard them. He teaches us how “leadership is the force that elect your dreams and set your goals” and how to think for your dreams, and problems.

He doesn’t teach all this stuff by saying heavy words and meaningful quotations, but with the stories of people suffering from problems, with the life history of Henry Ford and Benno Fisher. He makes the reader question, his self, his problem, and the solution. Especially in the last chapter where he writes Alphabets into action words.

“There’s a seemingly harmless phrase that has swept the country.People no longer just say, “Good-bye.”They inevitably add, “Take care.” But I contend it’s wrong to say, “Take care.”Instead say, “Take a chance; take charge; take control!”Why?Because people who take care never get anywhere!If you want to manage your problem successfully, you need to “take a chance, take charge, take control!”Taking a chance by itself is a reckless risk.But when you take charge, you manage that risk.When you take control, you manage your problems.”
This is from my favorite chapter of the book, which motivated me to solve my problems by myself, and to take risk, and to stress less.I believe it’s a book everyone should read at least once. I’ll rate it 8/10.

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