Winter wonderland

Autumn and winter are my favorite time of the year, when October comes with chilly mornings and falling leaves, Its like being at home. IMG-20190110-WA0009.jpg
Here in Quetta, as December comes the winter get to its full swing. Until 3 years ago the mountains were usually white with snow by the end of December, but past years due to global warming it hardly happens, and even if it does happen its only for a day or two. Snowfall here makes the city look directly out of some fairy tale movie, and it’s amazing.dscn4271
these are few old pictures of my town,  I wrote a poem entranced by the beauty of winters, here it is.

Winters are here,
and so are hazy days
the branches have shed their leaves
and they are covering the pathways.
Mountains are wearing
the blanket of snow.
And the trees are dancing
as the wind blows.
Look how elegantly everything is merged 
in a single paranormal shot.

And when the winters came
they bought with them misty mornings,
the fragrance of frost along with
aroma of burning woods,
the scent of rain,
odor of dried leaves,
and the freshness of  bought by snow.
they bought with them;
cozy family gatherings,
the steaming hot soup,
and how can i forget
the red, red nose.

No matter how much i try
i always fail to  describe
the bliss i feel
when i enter the winter wonderland.dscn4338


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