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Happiness is in simple.

Only a couple of days ago, i was saying how the mountains are still bare and its almost the middle of January, looks like God heard me.

I remember since childhood the prayer that i prayed most is “Oh God please, please let it snow tonight so the town will be white in the morning”. Last night when i saw the weather forecast i prayed this again, although the town was not white in the morning despite the snowfall but the mountains were.

We usually symbolize cold weather and winters to sadness, yet snowfall is like a synonym of happiness.

When i entered the roof this morning and saw these white mountains, i was so awestruck by their beauty, despite seeing the similar view every winter since i was born, and i was so heartfelt and happy seeing that view at 7:30 in the morning (despite being a sleepyhead, only snowfall can make me wide awake at that hour).

Snowfall always bring happiness, in the form of snowman, hot chocolate, snow fights, and snow angels. It brings families closer as they spent cold hours stuck inside a house sharing the warmth of a heater, playing in the snow together. I don’t know if everyone do this but I can’t survive the snow without eating loads of snow cones made from rose drink and clean snow from the garden.

Living in a valley have its own perks, you are surrounded by mountains, they are beautiful, you always have a nice view from your rooftop, its so different from other cities that its like this is some other world. The culture, the food, the climate, weather, the people and their behavior its all very different from what I’ve seen in other towns.
Its something so natural yet so different, that i thought its worth sharing ☺️☺️.

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